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New transponder chip for your car key

When replacing a lost or broken car key you must program a new replacement transponder chip in the key. There are several other reasons for replacing the transponder chip in your car key, like a damaged or faulty transponder. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to the main dealer for a replacement transponder. Our engineer can program a new transponder chip at your home or workplace. We also provide roadside assistance.

Have a problematic transponder key?

Sometimes your car may not start due to a damaged or problematic transponder in your car key. Contact Alpha Auto Locksmiths to hire an engineer to programme a new transponder chip for your key. We can program your transponder to communicate with the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and thus get the car started. We can replace and program transponder chips for almost any vehicle.

Why choose us?

•  Replace car keys for almost any make and model of vehicle

•  Employ the latest technology in car key replacement

•  Programme transponders

•  Do not need to have your car towed to a main dealer

•  Mobile automotive locksmith service

•  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Save your time and money with our services!

Why waste time and money having your vehicle towed to the main dealer when you can get a new set of replacement car keys and transponder keys at a lesser cost without any inconvenience? In case of imported cars, you may have to wait several weeks for your replacement keys to arrive from overseas. Instead, contact Alpha Auto Locksmiths in Staffordshire to program a new set of keys for your vehicle in a short time.

Transponder key programming at low costs!

Alpha Auto Locksmiths in Staffordshire can replace your lost or damaged transponder key.

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